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Cloud computing has transformed the IT landscape, offering scalable resources and services over the internet. As businesses and individuals increasingly rely on cloud technologies, the demand for cloud computing knowledge has skyrocketed. Whether you’re a beginner looking to understand the basics or an experienced professional aiming to deepen your expertise, numerous resources can help you learn about cloud computing. Here are some of the best places to start your cloud computing journey.

1. Online Learning Platforms


Coursera offers a variety of cloud computing courses from top universities and companies. Courses like “Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals” and “AWS Fundamentals” provide comprehensive introductions to cloud services. Coursera also offers specializations and professional certificates in cloud computing, which are valuable for structured learning and career advancement.


Similar to Coursera, edX provides courses from reputable institutions. Notable courses include “Introduction to Cloud Computing” by IBM and “Microsoft Azure Fundamentals” by Microsoft. These courses often include hands-on labs and real-world projects to enhance learning.


Udemy offers a vast selection of cloud computing courses covering different cloud providers like AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud. Courses such as “AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate 2023” and “Azure Administrator Certification” are highly rated and regularly updated to reflect the latest industry trends.

2. Vendor-Specific Training and Certification

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Training and Certification

AWS offers a robust training program, including free digital training, classroom training, and certification exams. Their certification paths, such as AWS Certified Solutions Architect and AWS Certified DevOps Engineer, are highly regarded in the industry.

Microsoft Learn for Azure

Microsoft Learn provides a comprehensive learning platform for Azure. It includes free interactive tutorials, modules, and learning paths that cover everything from basic concepts to advanced cloud solutions. Azure certifications, such as Azure Fundamentals and Azure Solutions Architect Expert, are also available.

Google Cloud Training

Google Cloud offers various training options, including on-demand courses, live training, and certification programs. The Google Cloud Certified – Professional Cloud Architect certification is particularly valuable for demonstrating expertise in designing and managing Google Cloud solutions.

3. Books and eBooks

“Cloud Computing: Concepts, Technology & Architecture” by Thomas Erl

This book provides a solid foundation in cloud computing concepts and technologies. It’s ideal for beginners who want to understand the underlying principles of cloud computing.

“AWS Certified Solutions Architect Official Study Guide” by Joe Baron et al.

For those preparing for AWS certification, this official study guide is an excellent resource. It covers all the exam objectives and includes practice questions and lab exercises.

“Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification and Beyond” by Steve Miles and Peter De Tender

This book is perfect for beginners looking to understand Azure and prepare for the AZ-900 certification exam. It covers core Azure services, solutions, and management tools.

4. Blogs and Online Communities

A Cloud Guru Blog

A Cloud Guru offers insightful articles, tutorials, and case studies on various cloud computing topics. It’s a great resource for staying up-to-date with industry trends and best practices.

AWS Blog

The AWS Blog provides updates, tutorials, and tips directly from Amazon. It’s an excellent way to keep abreast of new services, features, and use cases.

Reddit (r/cloudcomputing)

The cloud computing subreddit is a vibrant community where you can ask questions, share experiences, and learn from others. It’s a valuable resource for real-world advice and insights.

5. YouTube Channels

AWS Training and Certification

The official AWS YouTube channel offers a wealth of free training videos, including webinars, tutorials, and certification tips.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft’s Azure YouTube channel provides video tutorials, customer stories, and deep dives into Azure services and solutions.

Google Cloud Platform

The Google Cloud YouTube channel offers a variety of content, from quick tutorials to in-depth technical sessions, helping you learn at your own pace.

6. Bootcamps and Workshops

Cloud Academy

Cloud Academy offers immersive learning experiences through bootcamps and workshops. These programs are designed to provide hands-on experience with cloud technologies and prepare you for certification exams.


Simplilearn offers intensive bootcamps and certification courses in collaboration with top universities and industry experts. Their cloud computing courses include real-world projects and 24/7 support to ensure comprehensive learning.


Learning about cloud computing can significantly boost your career prospects and technical expertise. Whether you prefer online courses, books, blogs, or interactive bootcamps, there’s a wealth of resources available to suit your learning style and goals. By leveraging these platforms and continuously updating your knowledge, you can stay ahead in the ever-evolving field of cloud computing.

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