Nidhi Gupta


I’m Nidhi Gupta, a passionate Clinical Psychologist with expertise in diagnosing and treating mental health disorders across all age groups. With over 5 years of professional experience at reputed institutions like NIMHANS and St. Stephen’s Hospital, I bring a wealth of knowledge in psychological assessments, psychotherapy, and counseling. 

My areas of specialization include anxiety disorders, depression, substance abuse, family therapy, and working with children and adolescents facing emotional and behavioral issues. I have extensive training in administering psychological tests, neuropsychological assessments, IQ tests, and personality assessments.

Throughout my career, I have actively participated in numerous conferences and workshops, presenting research papers and case studies. I have received prestigious Best Paper awards for my work on topics like coping styles in parents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, advocacy for Autism in India, and the female variant of Dhat syndrome.

In my interactive sessions, I combine theoretical models with a practical, real-world approach to mental health care. My goal is to create a supportive learning environment where individuals can understand and manage their mental well-being effectively. Join me on this journey of self-discovery and personal growth as we navigate the complexities of the human mind together.


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